Best Guest Program

Best Guest January 2018

Hello! My name is Olive and I am a guinea pig. My family adopted me on April 23,2017 from College Station, Texas. My family gave me the name Olive because I’m round and black like a black olive!  

I love, love, love food and whenever I’m hungry for my breakfast I’ll squeal and squeak until my person Bailey wakes up and gets me my fresh veggies. Carrots are my favorite!

I like to play too, especially with my big stuffed animal piggy that’s five times the size of me! I like to hide under it and take a nap. Since I have no other color but black on me, I sometimes freeze up when I hear a loud noise and pretend that no one can see me, but Bailey knows better than that and will pick me up and give me cuddles until I realize that it’s ok to play again.