Best Guest Program

Best Guest November 2017- Pickles Koon

Our family rescued Pickles nearly eight years ago. We had recently lost our dog to aging heart failure and like everyone we were crushed. Yes, it did take our grieving period awhile, but our home was such an empty nest that we were ready to adopt another dog.

Pickles was born along with her brother Dill in January 2010. They both were terribly abused and left in a field near League City, Texas used for Target practice with BB guns. They both were found starving and bloodied by the League City Rescue team and cared for. Pickles was also carrying four puppies which had to be terminated. After both Pickles and Dill healed from their wounds, they were put up for adoption. Dill made his way to his permanent home to a loving family and from what we know adjusted instantly and doing well. But Pickles was not as fortunate. She too was adopted, but brought back to the Rescue sight because she did not fit in with the family due to larger dogs. Christmas time 2010 came around and still no one to adopt this precious puppy. A great employee decided to foster Pickles over the holidays and spoiled her with her own bed and doggie outfits. The foster family knew they had a limited time with her.

So this is where our story begins....

We were living in an Apartment in 2011 waiting to move into a house. The management held adopt a pet and on their board was Pickles’ photo. I grabbed the photo and got the information. The foster family came to our apartment with Pickles the next day. We were getting so excited like giving birth to a brand new child. The family knocked on our door as our heart raced all over the place and there she was the most precious puppy we ever welcomed into our hearts. The family left Pickles just to see how we connected and that bundle of joy had our hearts with her photo. The next day Pickles became part of our family. She came with her own bed and clothing!!! Of course she out grew both, but we love our sweet Pickles who is loved by all.