Best Guests for February 2018

Itty Bitty:  My name is Itty Bitty.  I’m a 14-yr-old female, but I don’t act my age at all.  I still love to play. I’m very affectionate with people that I know well, and I love attention (and good food).  I came to live with my family in 2004, when I was only a kitten. I showed up in their yard at around 5am and started meowing. I had been dumped, and I had a really bad infection on my tail.  I could tell that these were good people since other cats already lived there.  I ended up having to have my tail amputated.  But I really didn’t miss it at all.  I was just relieved to have a good home.  I was very scared at first, and really didn’t want anyone to get to close to me. But one of the older cats who lived with my mom and dad back then took me under his wing.  And before long, I was just as eager to be pet as all the other cats.  

Belle:  My name is Belle.  I’m around 6 years old, and a female. I love to play and to be pet, even though I can be a little moody sometimes.  I came to live with my family back in 2012.  I, too, was a stray cat.  was drawn to their home because I could see that there were other cats living there, and I could smell the delicious cat food.   At first, my family would only feed me outside.  But eventually, I became an official part of their home, and I look forward to spending many more happy years there.  

K.C. (pronounced, “Casey”): My name is K.C. (short for “Kitty Cat”).  I’m a 4-yr-old male, and extremely playful.  Sometimes I drive my sisters crazy, because I’m always willing to play. But I guess they just don’t feel like playing sometimes. Besides playing, I love being pet, and I’m very affectionate with people that I know well. Ironically, as crazy and playful as I am, I hardly ever meow, unless something really scares me or bothers me.   I came to my family’s house back in 2014.  I was only a kitten, and I had been dumped in the area. I could tell that other cats lived at their home, because I saw them in the yard.  And I decided that I wanted to be one of their cats, too!  My family tried to find a home for me at first, but they eventually ended up keeping me, and I’m very happy they did  

***In August of 2017, our house was flooded during Hurricane Harvey.  Our family put us in the attic with lots of food and water at first, because we were not allowed to come with them to the hurricane shelter.*** A couple days later, after the water subsided a little, our family came back for us.  We were up in the attic and really frightened.  We knew something bad had happened, but we didn’t know what it was.  Itty Bitty went to stay with another family in Galveston for a few days, and then went to stay for awhile with another vet in League City.  Belle and Casey hid in the attic and it took a couple days to coax them out of hiding.  They, too, went to stay with vet in League City.  We were scared and confused, but at least we were all together again.  When Dickinson Animal Clinic reopened after Harvey, we went to stay with them.  They had nicer cages, and a much better cat area, plus we already went to the doctor there .  We have been here ever since.  Our family still comes to see us weekly, but their house isn’t quite ready to move back into yet.  We love Dickinson Animal Clinic, and all the love, food, and attention we get.  We have made new friends, both human friends and cat friends*** But we also look forward to moving back home soon.  


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