Practicing What We Preach for More Than 30 Years

At Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center, we base everything we do on what we call The 5 Pillars—the principles that drive great pet care.

dog and boy playingCompanionship The human-pet bond is a powerful and lifelong emotional connection that improves quality of life for both the person and animal.

Comfortable Pet care does not need to be stress care. From separate rooms for separate species, to special programs like Pampered Pets, we make pets and people happy.

sleeping kitten

senior woman hugs dog Lifelong We are here for you and your pet from the beginning of life to the very end. And we strive to build your trust so each and every pet that comes into your life, comes into ours.

Compassionate Every facet of pet care, from medical emergencies to basic grooming, can be delivered with tenderness and joy. Animals want that, and we give that.

puppy in heart box

group of pets Complete Pet care is not convenient or stress-free when it has to be tracked down in multiple places. We provide all the veterinary diagnostics, treatment, medication, foods, boarding, and grooming your pet will ever need.