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Avian Wellness Exams Are Important to Your Bird’s Health

Parrot in a yard with a fence in the background

Most people think of wellness exams as important for dogs and cats, but forget about their importance for other species. Birds require the same level of veterinary wellness care as dogs and cats, and sometimes they need additional specialized care because their needs are more specific to their species. Preventive care is just as necessary for feathered friends to keep them at their best. 

Your friends at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center are here to explain the advantages of avian wellness care to your pet’s total well-being.

What Is an Avian Wellness Examination?

A wellness exam is focused on the pet’s complete health, including aspects of lifestyle, nutrition, and behavioral well-being along with physical health. Birds, like other exotic pets, can easily hide signs of illness and pain. More frequent visits to the veterinarian will help identify any changes in physical and behavioral health.

Birds are also more fragile than most pets because even slight changes to their physical well-being can lead to serious problems. Their at-home care and veterinary exams are critical toward keeping them in good health. 

The components of avian wellness exams include:

  • Weight assessment 

  • Recommendations on diet and nutrition

  • Assessment of heart, lungs, and other organ function

  • Claw trim

  • Overview of enclosure and daily husbandry

  • Overview of mental and physical enrichment 

  • Assess feathers and beak

  • Overall physical assessment

  • Occasional screenings and other diagnostic tests

We may also recommend fecal testing to look for parasites such as giardia, coccidia, and roundworms, which are common to our avian friends. We will also test for any evidence of bacteria or yeast overgrowth on your pet.

The Advantages of Regular Avian Examinations

Our bird friends are unique and require specialized care that can only be delivered by a veterinary team familiar with exotics. We have found that the more frequently you bring your bird in to see us, the better we are able to address any changes in their health quickly. It’s also a great time for you to ask questions about providing the best husbandry and care to your pet bird. 

The signs of a healthy bird include:

  • Bright eyes

  • Clear nostrils

  • Alert demeanor

  • Healthy feather growth

  • The right weight

  • Regular eating and drinking habits

  • Interest in toys, swings, and other forms of enrichment

  • Easy respiration

At Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center, we want to partner with you to provide the highest quality of avian wellness care to your pet. Please call us at (281) 337-4535 to schedule a wellness appointment for your feathered friend.