Does Your Bird Have a Healthy Beak?

Veterinarian holding bird.

While it’s true some species twitter and chatter more than others, every bird’s beak tells a story. A bird’s beak is a picture of their overall health and a snapshot of how they’re doing. It would, of course, be great to say that a healthy beak equals a healthy bird, and if that were the case, all wellness exams would just be a glance at their nose! 

Let’s explore more of what we can hope to learn by examining your bird’s beak, how often we should examine it, common things to look out for, and Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center’s best practices for a healthy, happy bird.


Eat Like a Bird: Avian Health and Bird Nutrition

Bird eating food.

Wild birds have endless opportunities to forage for seeds, fruits, insects, grasses, nuts, flowers, and more. Seasonal changes provide variety, and their nutritional instincts help them stay healthy and happy. 

Pet birds, on the other wing, have fewer options. So providing excellent, balanced bird nutrition is part of the multi-pronged approach to avian health, and it’s a fun way to bond with your bird.


What To Do When Taking Your Bird to the Vet

Dickinson, TX bird at the vet.

Just like dogs and cats, birds need regular wellness checks and vet visits to make sure they are healthy and happy. An excursion to the bird vet can be a lot for your avian friend, however, which is why the team at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center is here to give you some tips on making the trip as pleasant as possible for your favorite bird.