4th of july pet safetyWe pay a great deal of attention to the possibility of a lost or missing pet during Halloween and New Year’s, but Independence Day is actually the worst holiday in this respect. It’s terrifying to lose a pet during one of the most chaotic days of the year, but that’s not the only reason July 4th pet safety is so important. Backyard BBQ’s, parades, and firework displays can all create hazardous conditions for your pet.

The Obvious

Because of the escape risk, microchipping your pet is one of the best things you can do this summer. If your pet already has a chip but you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, be sure to update your contact information with the chip manufacturer.

If you plan on being out and about during the day, keep your dog on a close leash. Crowds and unpredictable noises can trigger a fight or flight impulse. Light up collars at night are also a good idea for July 4th pet safety.

Pet Anxiety

Your pet may have already made it clear that he or she frowns upon large-scale events. Having a safe room is a good way to appease pet anxiety. Complete it with your pet’s cozy crate, toys, blankets, snacks, and plenty of fresh water.

White noise is often recommended to drown out the booms and cracks of fireworks. Play the TV or radio, run the fan, and keep all doors and windows closed.

Speaking of Noise…

Most animals react fearfully to fireworks, thunderstorms, gunshots, construction noise, and even vacuum cleaners.

For July 4th pet safety, one of the best things you can do is stay with your pet. Sure, it’s one thing if you’re hosting and you have guests to entertain. That’s where a safe room comes in handy. Otherwise, if your pet’s history with loud noises produced anxiety and strong aversion, try to skip the pyrotechnics this year and have a snuggle fest instead.

No Grill for You!

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob are mainstays for family BBQ’s, and they’re all powerfully attractive to most pets. Watch your pet closely for any sneaky behavior, and share the house rules with your guests concerning your pet. Fatty foods, meat with sharp bones, corn cobs, skewers, and more can have disastrous results for your curious (and hungry) pet. Paws off!

Our July 4th pet safety solution is to prepare a pet-friendly meal for your pet and invite him or her to enjoy it alongside you and your guests. If your pet’s behavior doesn’t warrant this token of affection, lead him or her to the safe room and check back periodically.

Don’t Forget July 4th Pet Safety

Boarding your pet with us is another option in case you’re taking off for the holiday or just want to ensure your pet will be safe, sound, relaxed, and happy.

If you have questions about your pet’s anxious or stressed behavior, please schedule an appointment. We can help you work through the various options to reduce your pet’s stress and keep him or her safe this summer.