pet adoptionAn experience that requires time, energy, research, and ongoing participation can end up feeling like a chore, but in the case of pet ownership, the process is incredibly rewarding. Sure, it can be perceived as a “job,” but caring for a pet, looking out for their welfare, and preparing for emergencies is at the core of pet ownership. And it can certainly be a lot of fun – starting with the right approach to pet adoption.

Not a Right

Caring for an animal is a privilege. The decision to open your home and share your life with a pet must be done with the long view in mind. Many pets can live up to two decades! It’s absolutely imperative that you be prepared to provide for a pet’s needs for the length of their whole life.

Major Time

Getting a prospective pet owner to accept the reality of a lifelong commitment is the first step toward successful pet adoption. Once you know it’s forever, the other components of pet ownership can fall into place.

The Cost

We could argue for days that the rewards of owning a pet are limitless, but it’s critical to know that it’s never free. Obviously, pets rely on their owners for everything, and the costs can be daunting at first.

Once the initial items are paid for, such as bedding, travel kennel, leash, collar, food dishes, toys, etc., pet owners are responsible for:

Planning for pet emergencies is also worthwhile, and it’s always a good idea to either set aside savings for sudden illness or injury or invest in pet insurance.

The Investment of Time

The long view of pet adoption must also include socialization, training, and the obedience of local ordinances, like leash laws, licensing, and more. Ensuring your pet doesn’t add to overpopulation is as essential as keeping up proper identification through microchip updates and tags.

What Goes In and Out

Animals must have the right place in which to thrive. Would a Great Dane be happy in a small apartment? Would a skittish housecat enjoy being around a group of small children? The physical environment you bring your pet into must be able to support their various needs. Keeping up daily exercise and mental stimulation will not only add to overall vitality, but will also encourage a deeper bond between the two of you.

Successful Pet Adoption

Remember, don’t adopt impulsively. Instead, narrow down what you believe will be the right fit for you and your family, and then select a pet properly suited to your household. While it may seem like the “more the merrier,” pet adoption requires careful consideration. If your current pets are able/ready to accept a new addition, then you can decide if you’re financially able to care for another animal.

Displaced Pets

Preparations for a natural disaster must include knowing what to do with your pet. Many animals are abandoned or become separated from their owners in catastrophic conditions, leaving them in need of forever homes.

An evacuation plan is crucial to your pet’s survival, and our veterinarians and staff are always happy to address any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, good luck in your search!