Pet Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is often prescribed to increase strength and motion in the wake of an injury, surgery, or chronic disease. Previously reserved for humans alone, this modality is gaining traction in the world of veterinary medicine.

Dickinson Animal Hospital and Pet Wellness Center strives to be on the forefront of cutting-edge contemporary veterinary medicine that facilitates a pet’s health and wellness. Through pet rehabilitation, your pet’s quality of life – and the mutual enrichment between you – can be improved and enhanced.

The Scope

Pet rehabilitation can help relieve a pet’s pain and stress through various exercises and stretches tailored to combat specific problems. We work hard to customize a routine for each pet’s needs.

Recovering from surgical procedures can be difficult, and we can help you understand your pet’s limitations to move toward a successful outcome.

Pet Rehabilitation Therapy

In essence, pet rehabilitation is designed to increase strength and reduce pain and inflammation. This type of treatment is vital after a major surgery or injury, as we can improve your pet’s range of motion, muscle strength, and general mobility with carefully chosen (and gently applied) stretches and exercises. Through these, core body strength, increased range of motion, and quicker recovery are realized.

Understanding your pet’s anatomy and the unique muscles, bones, nerves, and soft tissue structures of your pet helps us design specific gentle techniques aimed to reduce pain, heal, or support the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Surgery
  • Weight loss
  • Orthopedic or neurologic problems
  • Trauma or injury
  • Agility athletes
  • Hunting or working dogs

What Sets Us Apart

Our very own Dr. Katie Leestma is currently on her way to becoming canine rehab certified through the University of Tennessee. She is enthusiastic in her approach and encourages pets every step of the way. Additionally, her expertise guides the following process:

  • Client consultation and treatment plan
  • Customized exercises
  • Check-out discussions focused on rehab progress and necessary steps at home
  • Pictures and videos that detail a pet’s progress
  • Trained veterinary nurses to assist

Helping Pets is Our Number One Priority

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and their beloved pets. Through the wonderful benefits of pet rehabilitation, we have seen the quality of life improve tenfold for our community’s pets. Dr. Leestma is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. We invite you to contact us to schedule a pet rehabilitation assessment.

Our hospital is conveniently located for easy drop-off and pick-up. The next closest facility is almost an hour away in Houston! And, with surgery performed on site at our hospital, the doctor who performs the surgery works with Dr. Leestma to steer our patients to a quick return to normal function and activity.

Here’s to your pet’s good health!