pet wellness

Gone are the days when veterinary care only treated illnesses and disease after they developed. Modern approaches now recognize the importance of pet wellness care and preventive medicine.

This change has encouraged greater quality of life and has increased longevity among our fur friends. However, pet wellness care goes far beyond what you might view as a simple physical exam.

The Benefits of Pet Wellness

When you think of pet wellness care, what comes to mind? Vaccinations? Flea and tick control? While these are important, there are also many more services that fall within the range of pet wellness.

Wellness care is focused on prevention, which includes the following areas of health:

  • Nutrition and diet
  • Weight management
  • Dental health
  • Daily exercise
  • Vaccinations/parasite control
  • Diagnostic screenings
  • Behavioral well-being
  • Reproductive health and spaying/neutering
  • Overall physical condition
  • Pet owner education

While pet wellness encourages the holistic care of your pet through annual exams, it can also support a more tailored approach to overall well-being. This includes monitoring how your pet generally feels, how to provide appropriate emotional and mental enrichment, etc.

Wellness care also changes as your pet ages. For example, puppy and kitten wellness often focuses on things like deworming and booster vaccines. Senior care, on the other hand, revolves more heavily around diagnostic screenings for age-related diseases.

How Pet Wellness Care Benefits Owners

In addition to being essential for pet health, wellness care also focuses on how owners can take better care of their pets by establishing positive daily care routines. These include exercise habits, appropriate life stage activities, brushing your pet’s teeth, and good husbandry techniques for exotic pets.

During your pet’s wellness exam, we encourage you to express concerns and ask questions about how to better care for your best animal friend.

At Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center, we believe wellness and prevention lie at the heart of veterinary care. We recommend twice yearly visits since changes in your pet’s health can happen quickly and symptoms can be subtle.

For a lifetime of good health and well-being, please call us to schedule an appointment or to inquire about our services.

We look forward to meeting you and your adorable pet!