There’s a prevailing misconception that indoor cats have it made. Sure, we’d all love to sleep as much as possible, lounge about, and enjoy meals that magically appear before us, but after a while that would probably get a little old. Although they seem “lazy”, invite any house cat to engage in a little play time and you’ll likely get bombarded with feline enthusiasm. 

Why is there a disconnect when it comes to entertaining an indoor cat? With our tips, you and your furry friend won’t have to wonder anymore.

A Smart Choice

Indoor cats live safer, healthier lives. By reducing or eliminating their exposure to contagious diseases, parasites, dangerous animals or vehicular accidents, they can enjoy a longer lifespan, and a healthier one, too!

Not Perfect

The boredom factor in indoor cats cannot be overlooked or underestimated. They need and deserve lots of opportunities for mental and physical exercise. Without daily activities, indoor cats can quickly gain weight and develop associated problems, like diabetes or arthritis.

Bridge the Gap

Entertaining an indoor cat is actually pretty easy – and fun! They really like employing their predatory instincts, so create games for them that allow them to stalk, run, pounce, and otherwise ambush their “prey”. This can involve long teaser toys with feathers and bells, catnip mice, laser pointers, and more.

Climbers and Scratchers

This may sound basic, but entertaining an indoor cat can be as simple as providing a cat tree, climbing structure, window perch, or wall shelves just for them. They really capitalize on vertical space; without it they can get bored or depressed. Since cats relish the chance to observe their environment from high up, owners should always find vantage points that appeal to feline instincts.

Similarly, scratching posts create opportunities for cats to relieve stress, get a good back stretch and shed dead or dull nail fibers. Without proper scratching posts, cats may find arm chairs, curtains, or carpeting to shred up.


Food puzzlers are great for cats that have a little extra time on their paws. Many cats eat when bored, but food puzzlers keep them mentally occupied in order to “earn” a treat or two. Be sure to measure how much food you’re putting inside the puzzle, and reduce that amount from their next meal.


If you have some outdoor space you may consider designing and building a catio for your cat. Basically an enclosed cat patio, a catio structure gives cats the best of both worlds. They get to experience all the wonders of nature while staying safe from other animals. It’s best if they are fully vaccinated and up to date on their parasite prevention medication first.

Entertaining An Indoor Cat

Did you know that cats are highly trainable animals? You can train them to work out on agility courses and follow basic commands. It’s also great to teach them tricks, like how to high five or rollover, or to walk on a leash. The possibilities are endless!

If you have further questions or concerns about entertaining an indoor cat, we’re always here for you at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center.