People love cats, a fact widely supported by social media. But beyond their sheer entertainment value and the fuzzy feelings they invoke, cats have absolute power to deeply and profoundly impact humans – especially the ones that own and care for them. 

Just because we are positively affected by cat behavior, it’s a stretch to say that all cats like (or trust) people. This disconnect can be explained by numerous reasons, but we do know that through close observation of body language, we stand a better chance of understanding the cats we wholeheartedly admire.

What Cats Like

Cats really uphold the concept of routine. They like having their meals at the same time every day. They anticipate when the house will be full of people and activity again. And they enjoy regular playtime, clean litter, and a fair amount of attention. 

To that end, your cat wishes you’d stop making changes to their environment. If they show you that they like a certain type of litter, please don’t purchase another brand on a whim. Similarly, any changes to their diet should only be made if necessary and slowly over a long period of time.

Lastly, if you will be experiencing any changes to your schedule, please be sure that your cat’s meals and play times are carefully followed by someone else.

What They Don’t Like

It’s generally perceived that cats detest their crates. Unfortunately, their protests and claw-filled resistance result in fewer visits to the vet. Arguably, this is one of the biggest detriments to feline health. 

However, with crate training, regularly rewarding (and short) travel times, your cat can grow accustomed to temporarily leaving their territory in order to receive the benefits of routine wellness care. After all, we did say they love routine, right?

Stop Doing That Already!

Cats are notorious for their sort of unpredictable personalities. They can be aloof one moment, and demanding of your affection the next. It’s really important to observe cat behavior in order to provide for your cat. If they need space, don’t crowd them. 

Likewise, when they seem to be begging for a snack, give them a long cuddle instead. Then, if they’re still hungry you can offer a nutritious treat – that way, they feel loved and satisfied!

Undeniable Cat Behavior

Cats have preferences for how they like to be touched. Please watch carefully for any sudden reactions to your touch or approach. Most cats like soft, head to tail strokes. Others enjoy a good belly scratch. Pay close attention to the appearances of the whiskers, eyes, ears, tail, and claws and make adjustments.

Kitty Likes to Scratch

Speaking of claws, your cat probably hates when you trim their nails. But it is actually really good for them! Be sure to provide extra scratching posts or cardboard afterwards so they can sharpen them! It feels good for them to stretch and scratch.

What About Me?

Certain examples of cat behavior may be interpreted as loneliness or boredom, and at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center, our doctors and staff are always here to help.