Music therapy has been around for over 300 years as a way to help people cope with both physical and emotional problems. If you adore your playlist, you probably have noticed that what you listen to affects your attitude, energy, and thoughts. 

Music is a powerful conduit to healing and relaxation for humans, and we have come to learn it has the same effect for our four-legged friends. Your friends at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center find this form of therapy fascinating and want to explore, with our pet families, the benefits of music therapy for pets.

What Is Pet Music Therapy?

Thanks to research conducted by Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher & Simon in 2012, we have proof that the effects of music therapy lower heart rate, ease anxiety, and decrease negative behaviors. The initial research in music therapy used a sample size from shelter pets. Since shelters are stressful places for most animals, you often see phobias, anxiety, depression, and problem behaviors like chronic barking. 

Through these studies, as well as others, it was certain that music had the ability to address these conditions and behaviors in pets. But what is music therapy, exactly?

Music therapy is a form of psychoacoustic therapy, which relies on sounds to produce certain effects. It works through vibration that your pet is attuned to. Animals’ hearing is much more sensitive than our own and they can pick up and respond to higher frequencies, as well as sound in general.

Using slower tempos and basic musical arrangements, researchers showed a marked effect on the dogs’ level of stress and anxiety. The less complex the music and the slower the song, the more relaxing it was to the pets. 

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Pets

Pets can develop a variety of behavioral issues and mood disorders, such as anxiety and phobia. They can be caused by genetics, lack of socialization, stress in early development, and even things that occur in our everyday lives, like sirens, thunderstorms, and other noises.

Music therapy aims to reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals and offer a beneficial way to alleviate stress in pets. It has been utilized in a number of ways, including:

  • Noise anxiety and phobia
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Helping a pet get better rest
  • In boarding facilities and shelters
  • While a pet is having surgery
  • Traveling in a car
  • Coping with life changes, such as a move or birth of a new child

The impact of music therapy for pets is substantial and is a wonderful complementary therapy for pets who are dealing with medical or behavioral issues.

Would you like more information on music therapy and how it can be advantageous for your furry loved one? Please contact us or make an appointment here online! We can discuss with you some of the ways this alternative therapy can help your best friend.