Pet bird in cage.

One of the most important aspects of keeping your bird healthy starts with a clean cage. Keeping up with cleaning your bird’s cage can feel like a chore. To help it feel like less of a burden, it is necessary to establish a routine of cleaning both daily and weekly. 

The good news is that once a cleaning routine is established, it will become quicker and easier to maintain a healthy living environment for your bird. The team at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center is here to help you with tips on improving the cleanliness of your bird’s cage. 

Daily Cleaning Tips 

Dirty cages can lead to a risk of infection for your bird, along with other health problems which may require a visit to the vet. Some of these simple steps, when taken daily, will significantly decrease the risk of infection and help keep the cage cleaner:

  • Change the cage liner daily:  It’s important to swap out the dirty cage liner at least once a day with a clean one. Keeping the dirty liner with droppings and bird food can be a hazard for your bird when they walk around the bottom of the cage, and can begin to smell when left for too long. 
  • Clean out water and food dishes:  When food and water dishes are left unattended for too long, bacteria can begin to grow and pose a threat to your bird. To avoid this, clean them with mild dish soap daily, make sure they rinsed thoroughly, and dry completely before you replace the contents of the dishes with fresh water and food. 
  • Spot clean and wipe down surfaces:  Use a damp rag or paper towel to wipe down the surfaces of your bird’s cage, including the outside, the insides of the cage, perches, toys, bars, or any other areas that look messy. A quick daily wipe down will keep bacteria and buildup away, and make deep cleaning easier in the future. 

Weekly Cleaning Tips 

Pick a day of the week to be your dedicated cleaning day. Follow these steps weekly to maintain bird cage cleanliness: 

  • Clean the cage’s tray: Remove and wash the cage’s tray with soap and water, or a cage cleaner. 
  • Remove and clean the grate: If your cage has a grate, it’s important to remove this weekly and scrub it free of droppings or any other collected waste. 
  • Remove, soak, and scrub all perches or toys: Perches and toys can accumulate dirt, bacteria, old food, and droppings. It’s important to include these in your weekly cleaning routine to maintain a healthy environment. 
  • Have a variety of toys or perches: To reduce wear and tear on your bird’s favorite toys or perches, it can make your life easier to have a variety of these items to swap out on a weekly basis. 

Monthly Cleaning Tips 

It is important to do a deep clean of the entire cage and all of its contents, at least once a month. You can clean the cage directly in a bathtub. Or if the cage is very large, it might be helpful to do this outside on a patio or in a garage where you can hose it off. 

Be sure to use a good scrub brush, and clean in all the cracks and crevices, including the individual bars and corners of the cage. Whether you are deep cleaning or daily cleaning, it’s important to make sure all parts of the cage are completely dry before replacing them back in the cage. 

For more tips on avian health, we are here to help! Give the team at Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center a call at (281) 337-4535.