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Pet Boarding

There is no replacement for number 1, you, but a loving, attentive caretaker sure helps. Our daycare and boarding staff are well-trained, as well as true animal lovers who enjoy nothing more than making pets happy.

Happiness for a pet happens best when his or her playtime is done right. Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center provides a 1600 square foot, safety-fenced, natural grass play area for your dog. We also make sure your dog is grouped with dogs of similar size and play style. Pools, tunnels, and other toys make the play experience a fantastic one.

Cats are boarded in a separate section of our facility. Pet stress is reduced through the use of different air-control systems for the cat and dog boarding areas.

We’ll make sure your pet has plenty of food and water throughout the day, and our staff will ensure your pet is given any specialty or prescription food he or she needs.

Dog and cat boarding areas are roomy, comfy, and clean. Your pet can rest well, and you can rest well knowing that a full veterinary staff is under the same roof, should your pet need medical attention or care.

We also offer boarding for exotics and avians.

Our pet boarding services are available for check-in and check-out during normal business hours from open to close.

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