Preventive Care—We’re More Than Just a Hospital

At Dickinson Animal Hospital & Pet Wellness Center, our goal is to maximize your pet’s comfort and quality of life. We accomplish it through preventive care programs and services designed for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Preventive Health Exams

Twice-yearly preventive health exams are the cornerstone of excellent veterinary care. These exams maximize your pet’s long-term health because they make early detection of conditions or illnesses more likely. Preventive health exams also help minimize costs, because treating your pet’s health issue early on typically requires less involved measures.

Little Girl and DogPreventive health exams involve the following steps:

  • We evaluate and record a patient’s health history.
  • We perform a detailed system-by-system physical exam and a pain assessment score.
  • We conduct body condition scoring, including a dental health grade and a nutritional evaluation.
  • We establish a parasite control plan.
  • We create a follow-up schedule.

Diagnostic Health Screens

Internal health problems common to your pet can take months or years to develop obvious outward signs and symptoms. That’s why we’ve designed customized health screenings to evaluate your pet’s internal health. This gives us the best opportunity to detect health issues at the earliest stages, when they are most easily corrected or managed.