Pet Dental Care —
Comprehensive Solutions for Dirty Mouths

“You have dog breath” is an insult to humans. Did you know it should be an insult to dogs too?

Dental ExaminationsMost people don’t realize their pets should not have bad breath. Bad breath is an indicator of significant dental disease and often means your pet is experiencing some level of chronic pain. It’s estimated that 50% of dogs and 80% of cats over age 2 have dental disease that requires professional attention.

We use an Oral ATP format, which involves 12 detailed steps to assess your pet’s dental care needs, addressing issues of infection and comfort, not just cosmetics. Consistent with the standards of the best veterinary practices nationwide, full mouth digital x-rays are an integral component of every procedure. Without x-rays, about half of dental health problems are missed. Left untreated, dental disease will always progressively worsen, often leading to major problems requiring extensive work to correct. There is a growing list of diseases linked to bad dental health including heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and even cancer.

Don’t let your pet be in pain when a solution is only a phone call away!

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