Health Exams — The Cornerstone of Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Exams

Twice yearly preventive health exams maximize your pet’s health because they improve the chances for early detection of health issues.

Cute DogOur preventive health exams are thorough and they involve the following steps:

  • We evaluate and record a patient’s health history.
  • We perform a detailed system-by-system physical exam.
  • We conduct body condition scoring, pain assessment scoring, dental health grading, and a nutritional evaluation.
  • We establish a parasite control plan.
  • We create a follow-up schedule.

Diagnostic Health Screens

The second key to excellent preventive health care is routine diagnostic and laboratory testing. Many pet health problems take months or years to develop obvious outward signs. We have designed our health screens to accurately evaluate your pet’s internal health and detect deviations from optimal health at the earliest stages, when they are most easily corrected or managed.